We have been asked many times, "Does the catloc work?" We have been selling the Catloc since november 2011, we are a distributor not the manufacturer! For us, it is essential that we back products that consitently perform and do not create difficulties for our company.

We are very satisfied with the effectiveness of the Catloc and Catloc ltd the manufactuer, this is why we continue to market and sell the product.

please dont hesitate to call us if you have any questions what so ever. we are here to help.

Catloc is a universal device and will fit many different vehicles. Here are a few of the vehicles often targeted by thieves:

Mercedes sprinter.

Mercedes Vito.

Ford Ranger.

Nissan Pickups (Navarra, etc) .

Many other types of 4x4.

Fiat Ducato.

Peugeot Boxers.

Renault Master.

Iveco Daily.

Ford vans of all types.

Toyota (Hilux / Hiace) * New Hilux euro 5 Catloc device is available, please call us for more info!

Many types of Motor homes.

If you are unsure if the catloc will fit your vehicle please call us on 0845 116 2813, we will be happy to assist.

Catloc is easy  and quick to fit, it is the most cost effective device on the market giving you the best level of protection available.

To be sure that the device will fit we recommend that you measure the the circumference of the  catalytic converter on your vehicle as the catloc will expand up to 23" circumference on its maximum setting.

Massive increase in catalytic converter theft

Over the last 3 years there has been a dramatic increase in the theft of catalytic converters due to the massive increase in the price of scrap metal.

Catalytic converter theft has become a real problem for many vehicle owners in the United Kingdom, united states and across Europe due to the presence of 4 precious metals that are used to manufacture the catalytic converter. These are Gold, Platinum, palladium and Rhodium. Each stolen catalytic converter can be sold to a scrap metal dealer from between £50 and £200 depending on the size.

Catalytic converter theft, a growing problem

Catalytic converter theft is a fast growing problem due the exposed nature of the catalytic converter being positioned under your car. Any would be thief can easily crawl under the vehicle, armed with a cheap and easy to obtain battery operated metal saw can cut through the exhaust pipe on either side of the catalytic converter and be gone in under 30 seconds. As you can image this is a very tempting prospect for the thief who can easily steal up to 50 in a night bagging an easy few thousand pounds.


The cost of catalytic converter theft to you

As I mentioned before that a thief can get between £50 and £200 per catalytic converter they steal, this does not mean that this is what it will cost you to replace. It is likely to cost you some where close to a £1000 and in many cases much more and this is not to mention the time hassle and frustration you will face to have your stolen catalytic converter replaced.

If you are a business you may have already been targeted, if you have already been a victim of catalytic converter theft you will understand that the loss in man hours and having your vehicle off the road can cost a small fortune.

Protect your self against catalytic converter theft

The best way to effectively deter the thieves from stealing your catalytic converter is to fit a catalytic converter antitheft device. The Catloc is a cost effect and easy to install device that is supplied as standard with an ISR (international security register) marking kit that links your catalytic converter to your vehicle and making it traceable, it is as unique as a finger print. The high visibility window stickers will also deter any thief from even attempting to cut yours off. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE ISR MARKING KIT


Here are some resources we have found that will help you understand just how much of a problem catalytic converter theft is becoming


to view the contents of the catloc catalytic converter theft deterrent device please click the link above or here THE KIT


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