Theives Are Stealing Catalytic Converters and its is on the rise

stealing catalytic converterswho is stealing catalytic converters?

You might ask yourself just who is stealing catalytic converters? After all, this is not something that most people worry about protecting when they think of theft prevention measures that are used for their car. However, there has been a rapid increase in the theft of catalytic converters in recent years. In fact, it has gotten to be so bad that many people are falling prey to this sort of crime that does not make the news but is very costly to the victim.

Why should people be stealing catalytic converters?

The reason that this type of theft is on the rise is that the metal in the catalytic converter is worth money. A lot of money, too, because it contains platinum, gold, rhodium and paladium. As the cost of precious metals continues to rise, the value of this part gets greater and criminals who are eager to cash in are starting to target this part of the exhaust system of a car. Theft prevention measures include locking the device and installing an anti theft system to the car.

The problem that people are facing is that few people understand that there are those out there who are stealing catalytic converters. They do not know that these parts can net the criminal two hundred dollars or so when they take it to a metal dealer. They do not think that anyone will steal this part of the car because most people do not think like criminals. When it comes to theft prevention measures, they will take care to protect any sort of radio device that they have in the car because they worry that electronics are something that the criminals will want. And they do want electronics, but an increasing number of them are starting to target the catalytic converter. It simply gives them a lot more money in a short amount of time with little effort, this is something that most criminals today are looking for. A quick score is what the thief wants, not the hassle of trying to sell or pawn a stolen radio.

Those who are stealing catalytic converters

are doing so in all sorts of places and taking them from all sorts of cars. One mistake that many people make is that they think that just because they have an older model car that they do not need any sort of theft prevention. After all, who is going to steal an old car that has some rust? Chances are that they are right when it comes to the theft of their actual car as car thieves will generally target new cars that they can turn over to a chop shop for good money. However, criminals do not discriminate nor are as picky when it comes to stealing auto parts or precisely stealing catalytic converters. This makes the old car owner just as much as a potential victim when it comes to those who are stealing catalytic converters as those who have a brand new car. And as no one, least of all someone who has to drive around in an old car, wants to have to shell out a lot of money for this to be repaired, they are taking the smart route when they use some sort of theft prevention device that will stop the criminals in their tracks.

Will criminals continue to try attempt stealing catalytic converters from a car that has an anti theft system and is doing something for theft prevent? No chance. This sort of criminal who is stealing catalytic converters is out for a quick score, they are not going to spend time messing with your car if it is protected. Everyone needs to know what is going on when it comes to the possibility of stolen auto parts, how it can affect them, and what they can do to prevent such a criminal from stealing catalytic converters from your car.

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